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North Plains' population projections

The Big Picture

As you probably know, North Plains is currently going through Periodic Review of its Comprehensive Plan. This Review will determine the way North Plains grows. The Planning Commission has submitted the first three "Work Products" to the City Council for their approval. The second of these Products contains population projections for the year 2020. Population projections are the biggest factor in determining how large North Plains will grow.

The Planning Commission has ignored citizen input showing a strong preference that the town remain small, and has bowed to the interests of developers and others who want to profit from the City’s growth. And although they must coordinate their projections with the County, they’ve approved a larger population than even the county has said they’ll accept! What are they thinking?

What You Can Do

Fortunately, the City Council must take comments before voting on these figures. They will conduct a public hearing next Monday, August 21st, at 7pm in the Community Center.

   Show Up!   

This is the last time you’ll have a chance to voice your opinion on this issue.
You must attend and make your voice heard!

   Speak Up!   

Tell the Council:

   Take Note, Then Vote!   

At the hearing, watch your elected officials. Note what they say and how they vote on this critical issue. Note the Councilors you agree with, then VOTE accordingly in November! Or run for office!

View Friends of North Plains' position paper on Periodic Review

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