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About the Friends of North Plains

Friends of North Plains is a grassroots organization whose members live in and around the city.

Our mission is:

  • to help our members become more knowledgeable about growth-related activities in North Plains,

  • to encourage citizens to participate in the decision-making processes that affect the town's growth, and

  • to foster discussion about growth and livability in general.

Anyone with an interest in helping us further our goals is welcome to become a member.  You can be added to our mailing list so that you may receive timely notice of important events.  Contact information is at the bottom of this page.


Friends of North Plains (FoNP) formed in 1996 when several citizens of the town and surrounding area became concerned about a proposed 132-acre expansion of North Plains' urban growth boundary (UGB).  The proposed expansion would have added 700-900 housing units to the city and was projected to triple its existing population.

Through the actions of FoNP, 1000 Friends of Oregon, and other citizens and agencies, the City decided to delay a decision on the proposed UGB expansion until it completed a state-funded study to assess the City's needs for additional land and to determine how the City should grow should more land be required.

This study, known as the Transportation Growth Management (TGM) Study, was conducted from December 1996 through August 1997.   FoNP members served on the Study's Citizen Advisory Committee, lobbying to preserve North Plains' small-town character and livability, due in great part to the farm- and forestland surrounding the town.  During this time, FoNP issued numerous alerts to our members and to the citizens of the area, encouraging them to attend these meetings and express their wishes to the Committee.

In 1998, following completion of the TGM Study, the City began a Periodic Review of its Comprehensive Plan, a process the City is required to undertake every five years.  The City completed this process in 2003.

FoNP members continue to attend Planning Commission and City Council meetings related to annexation and submit oral and written testimony.  We encourage citizens to attend these meetings and speak their minds about growth and the future of North Plains.

For the latest information on the Periodic Review process, please visit the Hot Topics page.

Voting on Annexations

In 1999, David Hatcher, then a member of Friends of North Plains, submitted an initiative proposal to amend the City Charter to require that all annexations to the City be approved by voters.  The measure passed by about a 3:1 ratio, reflecting North Plains citizens' desire to have greater control over their city's growth.

However, in 2002 the City bundled a clause that would have removed residents' rights to vote on annexations into a slate of Charter changes.  Friends of North Plains led the effort to inform citizens of the City's attempt to remove their rights, and the Charter changes were defeated, again by about a 3:1 margin.  A subsequent Charter change measure without the offending clause was then approved by a substantial margin.  It is clear that North Plains residents value their ability to vote on annexations very highly.

There have been 6 annexation elections since voter approval of annexations was enacted.  One of them -- for a very small parcel -- is not covered on this site.  Information about the others is available on the annexation information page.

Community Involvement

Friends of North Plains seeks to set a positive example of community involvement by joining the annual parade during the Elephant Garlic Festival.  In past years we have volunteered during North Plains Cleanup Day and participated in Washington County's Adopt-A-Road program, conducting biannual clean-ups of North Road.

Members and citizens are invited to join with us in any of these activities.   Please contact us (below) for more information.

Last modified 2009-11-12.

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