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City residents are in the process of deciding whether to approve an annexation of 52.14 acres to the City.  The election is September 16, 2008.  In addition, another proposal to annex 23.93 acres will be on the ballot in November.  Please see our annexation page for complete information on these two proposals.  A short history of voting on annexation in North Plains is included on the About Us page.

Periodic Review

This section discusses the City's Periodic Review of its Comprehensive Plan, referred to simply as "Periodic Review".  This process began in 1998 and was completed in 2003.  The following information is retained for historical interest.

The Process

The City is required to submit a Work Plan describing the steps it will perform to complete Periodic Review.  However, due to misunderstandings between the City's former Planning Consultant and DLCD, their original Work Plan was never approved.  The City received approval of their resubmitted Work Plan on April 10, 2001.

The Work Plan specifies nine tasks, which are summarized below:

Task Description Due Date
1. Comprehensive Plan and Neighbor City Study (TGM Study) Convergence 5/15/2001
2. Population/Employment and Neighbor City Study (TGM Study) Analysis 5/15/2001
3. Land Use Inventory and Land Needs Analysis 10/31/2001*
4. Direction of Growth 10/31/2001*
5. UGB Expansion Needs 10/31/2001*
6. Public Facilities and Natural Resources 1/31/2002*
7. Smart Development Code Amendments 1/31/2002*
8. Washington County Adoption of UGB Amendments 10/31/2002*
9. Create New Comprehensive Plan Document 10/31/2002*
* indicates revised date per Don Otterman, City Manager.

A Brief History of Events

(Note: the links in the text below refer to FoNP testimony related to the event or documents that are archived on this site.)

The City submitted Work Products 1-5 to DLCD on 10/31/2001 per the schedule.  Comments and Objections(1, 2) to the Work Products were received.  On 4/4/2002, DLCD issued a Staff Report assessing the Work Products.  Exceptions to the Staff Report were accepted, followed by a revised Staff Report issued on 5/24/2002.  LCDC held hearings on April 25-26 and June 13-14, 2002.  At the June 14th hearing the Commission remanded (sent back) Work Products 1-5 to the City to correct deficiencies in the Work Products.

The City responded to the Remand Order with its revised Work Products on 10/31/2002.  Testimony(1, 2) was taken prior to submitting the revised Work Products on 10/31/2002.  Objections were again accepted, followed by another Staff Report on 2/27/2003.  Exceptions to that Staff Report were filed on 3/10/2003.  The hearing before LCDC is scheduled for March 20-21, 2003.

As of this writing, the City is working on Tasks 5 and 6, and also on the remand process for Work Tasks 1-5.  Most of the City's efforts seem to be focused on the remand process.

Our Testimony

Our most recent testimony is stored in the document repository.  The following links are to older testimony.

Comments on Work Tasks 3, 4, and 5, submitted to the City on September 5, 2001.  Also available as a Word document.

Objections to Work Tasks 1 and 2, submitted to DLCD on June 26, 2001.  Also available as a Word document.

You may also view our Position Paper on Periodic Review, submitted to the Planning Commission on October 27, 1999.  This document is also available as a Word Document.  If you have a Zip/UnZip program available, you can save downloading time by accessing the Zipped version.

Friends of North Plains also distributed this flyer during public hearings for Work Task 3 in August, 2000 to encourage members and citizens to attend the hearings and voice their concerns about the population projections.

Other Related Documents

DLCD staff report addressing objections received on Periodic Review tasks 1-5.  Read the staff report.  Also available as a Word document.

Last modified 2008-07-21.

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