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Information about the March 13, 2007
annexation election

Annexation Summary

Name Jackson-Union
Ballot Measure 34-141
Area East
Acres 24.33
Housing Units 105 *
Developer Polygon
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* Note: The number of units listed is the number that is used in the applicant's financial analysis.  The analysis does not guarantee that this will be the actual number of units developed, nor does it bind the developer to any specific time frame for developing the land if the proposal is approved.

Disclaimer: The above information is being provided as a community service by Friends of North Plains.  Official information and documents should be obtained from the City of North Plains.

Voters' Pamphlet information

The following information appeared in the Voters' Pamphlet for the March, 2007 election.


Friends of North Plains offers this information as part of our mission to educate voters about issues that affect our town.

Measure 34-141 is essentially identical to a measure rejected by voters last September.  We believe voters should also reject this measure.

North Plains is currently experiencing rapid growth.  Last year alone over 140 new lots were approved – increasing the total number of lots in North Plains by 23%.  By mid-January of this year, 26 more lots had been requested.  Any “pent up” demand for new housing in North Plains is already being met.

The proposed "growth rate" of 35 units/year is not a cap on the development rate.  Voters should reject any measure without a guaranteed maximum development rate.  Thirty-five new houses would mean 85 new residents every year – equal to North Plains’ total population increase from 2000-2005.

Consider these other factors:

· The parcel is a mile away from existing residential areas.  There are no sidewalks to get pedestrians safely between these separate parts of town.

· The proposal calls for houses only.  Residents will not see any new stores, and businesses in town will get few new customers.  New residents will likely use the Jackson School Road interchange to patronize merchants elsewhere.

· Residential development does not pay its own way.  Studies show that residential developments require $1.15 in services for every $1 in taxes paid.  Current residents will pay the difference.

· Voters should consider the potential impact of Measure 37 claims on the rate of growth in this area.  Development of successful Measure 37 claims is not subject to voter approval.

· The proposed school won’t be built for many years, and School District voters must approve funding for any new school.  Annexation will not change that.

There is no hurry to annex this farmland, which is part of the 20-year land supply.  Fast development now can be used to justify even faster growth in the future.


Reject Measure 34-141.


Submitted by Friends of North Plains Steering Committee
Brian Beinlich, James Just, Jim Long, and Pat Wolter


Last modified 2007-02-24.

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