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Protect Your Vote!

Friends of North Plains believes that all votes should count in elections.  Annexation votes are no exception.  By giving themselves the right to vote on annexations, our citizens have affirmed the importance of their voice in issues that affect our town.

Friends of North Plains has received numerous reports of strangers offering to deliver ballots for others.  It turns out that it is not illegal to collect a ballot for someone else.  But that doesn't mean you should give it to them!

Friends of North Plains Steering Committee member Jim Long admires the new ballot drop box in front of City Hall in North Plains.

It is very important that you not give your ballot to anyone you don't know or trust!  As an official at Washington County Elections told us: "You shouldn't give your ballot to anyone you wouldn't give your paycheck to."

Make sure your vote is counted!  Please keep these voting tips in mind:

DO get your ballot in on time.  Don't mail your ballot any later than the Thursday or Friday before election day.  After that, deliver your ballot or use a drop box.

DO use the white ballot drop boxes.  Thanks to the efforts of Jim Long, a Friends of North Plains Steering Committee member, one is now conveniently located in front of City Hall.  Ballots placed in these boxes are collected by Washington County Elections.

DON'T give your ballot to anyone you don't know, especially someone who approaches you offering to deliver your ballot for you.

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Last modified 2007-02-27.

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