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Information about the September 16, 2008
annexation election

Annexation Summary

Name Lone Oak
Ballot Measure 34-150
Area North
Acres 52.14
Housing Units
(note 1)
276* - 296
Developer Polygon
Maps (note 2)
(Images are best for viewing,
PDF files are best for printing)
As submitted
(1024x733 - 257KB)
(11x8.5" - 222KB)
(1024x733 - 257KB)
(11x8.5" - 222KB)

Note 1: The number of units marked with (*) is the number that is used in the applicant's financial analysis.  The analysis does not guarantee that this will be the actual number of units developed, nor does it bind the developer to any specific time frame for developing the land if the proposal is approved.

Note 2: The application included a map of the entire north expansion area, which includes both the Lone Oak and Paine Tract parcels, without any indication of their boundaries. We have also included a reference map (published previously) that may help you identify the exact parcel under consideration.

Disclaimer: This information is being provided as a community service by Friends of North Plains.  Official information and documents should be obtained from the City of North Plains.

Voters' Pamphlet information

The following information will appear in the Voters' Pamphlet for the September, 2008 election.

Friends of North Plains (www.fonp.org) offers this information as part of our mission to educate voters about issues that affect our town.

The City Charter requires that voters approve annexations. If approved, Measure 34-150 would permit the annexation of 52.14 acres of prime farmland located just north of town. This parcel has already been rejected three times by voters. We believe voters should reject it once again.

North Plains currently has plenty of capacity for new development. Currently, 200-225 lots are already designated for new housing in the City, and only ONE is being built. This doesn’t include 115 new houses planned for the East expansion area (approved by voters in March of 2007).

Considering the current real estate crisis and building slowdown, with foreclosures and numerous houses on the market, there is simply no need to add new land to the City at this time.

Annexing increases the population beyond citizens’ desires. The proposal would create between 276 and 296 housing units. 280 new houses would mean 700 new residents – that’s a 35% increase in North Plains’ population!

The proposed area is prime farmland, and its soil is rated some of the best in the world. High-quality farmland should be preserved for agricultural use; houses should be built on land less suitable for farming. In an era of rising fuel prices and transportation costs, it is essential that nearby productive farmland continue to be available for agriculture.

Voters should be wary of promises of a new community center offered by the property owner. Previous promises of a shopping center have not materialized, and it is unclear whether the City would have the resources to maintain such a center without raising taxes.

Residential development does not pay its own way. Studies show that residential developments require $1.15 in services for every $1 in taxes paid. Current residents pay the difference.

There is no hurry to annex this prime farmland.

Please Reject Measure 34-150.

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Last modified 2008-08-06.

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